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BusyCMS Modified:

Although BusyCMS is very flexible in style and colours, should the application not suit your needs in it's existing configuration we are happy to quote for modifications. Because we built it here at BusyWeb, we can modify and customise it to your needs.

Contact us to discuss what you need, we may be able to give you a unique customised web application at a fraction of the price.

What's New in BusyCMS version 3.0

This website is built on BusyCMS version 3.0.  Since the release of version 1.0, we have been working hard to add more features to enable more design flexibility, and now all new sites are set up with version 3.0.

New features since version 1.0:

  • Paypal Dropdown Shopping Cart

    A cute Paypal Shopping Cart available to catalogue products with fast, direct "no log in checkout". All modifications can still be easily managed by you, the client, through the backend administration interface, including the addition of new products, product galleries and pricing. Each product can have multiple options with separate pricing for each option along with a thumbnail image. Shipping is optional, flat rate and per product. Discount coupon codes can be applied to any option prior to adding to the cart.
    Paypal Shopping Cart

  • Search Engine Friendly URLs. You can now link to your pages and catalogue items with descriptive or keyword links. e.g. http://www.busycms.com.au/page/my-great-new-service and http://www.busycms.com.au/item/electrical-fittings.
    Search Friendly URLs
  • Page Background Colours. You can now change the page content background colour for your entire website in "edit style". This is in addition to the normal colour choice for table backgrounds.
  • Page Background Transparency. An attractive design effect (used on this website). This feature can be adjusted to allow a website background image to be slightly visible through the page.
    New Style Addition 1  
  • Gallery Slider.  You now have the option to have gallery thumbnails display either as tiles on the page, or as a thumbnail slider. Works well with pages that have a gallery and a lot of other content. Swipe or drag left/right to display more thumbnails.Gallery Slider
    Try It!
  • Uniform Thumbnails. Gallery thumbnails now display with a uniform height irrespective of the linked image dimensions.
  • Social Icons Top or Bottom. Social media icon links can now display, site-wide, either at the top or bottom of the pages. Now also on contact pages.
  • Style Previews. Style previews in the backend are now the similar to an actual page.
  • Uploaded Image Thumbnails. Both header and style "Manage Image" functions show thumbnails and file names for currently uploaded images. Easier to tell which image you want to use.
  • Parent Menu: In a sub-menu "Edit" page, if required, you can move a sub-menu and linked page to another parent top menu or parent sub-menu location. 

Plus minor improvements to other functions

Version 3.0 is a free upgrade to users of prior versions. Contact us to request an upgrade. Charges apply for content data transfer from older versions.

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Information on this website is provided in good faith. BusyCMS functions may change from time to time. Specific requirements should be first verified with BusyWeb prior to setup.

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