Navigation and Pages

After logging in to your administration, click on "Navigation and Pages"

This is where you view and set up the structure of your website and the information it contains.

What you see here is the existing structure of your website and the options you have for each page, in table format.
As you add menu links and pages, this table view will update, and so will the website menu and pages.

The left hand column from the top down mirrors your website's navigation menus. Each row provides the options for each navigation link you have set up.

Public Menu ViewThe darker rows are "Top Menu" items, reflecting the always visible top menu bar of your website.
The lighter grey rows are "Sub Menu" items and are child to an associated "Top Menu"
The white bordered rows are "Sub Menu" items,  child to an associated "Sub Menu" parent.
All "Sub-Menu" items are the child of an associated parent "Top Menu" or "Sub Menu"

With no page links or pages set up, you will only see the "Home" row and the "Contact" row, with limited options. These rows are permanent and cannot be deleted. In this case, your website will show only "Home" and "Contact"

Display right column: Pages you design can contain a right hand side column where this feature is acitvated. The far right verical column labeled "RC: YES/NO" indicates on which pages you have activated the "Right Column". 

Before you start to set up and manage your website, you will need to have a basic idea of what you want on the pages of your website and how you want your website visitors to access that information via navigation menu links.

Edit your Business Information

The first step is to add your contact and address information. Start by clicking on "Edit Your Business Information"

This page will have some generic data present that you will need to edit. You do not have to fill in all of the boxes, the amount of information supplied is your preference. You will need to add an email address for the contact page email form to operate properly. Your email address is not published in the website to protect against email harvesters and the resulting spam.
Address details will appear on the bottom of all pages if you check the box at "Address on page bottom".
Footer text, such as a disclaimer, if required, will display on the bottom of all pages.

You may choose social media icons to display on the contact pages so people can "like" and/or comment on your page. If you have a Facebook page, go to it and copy the URL from the browser address bar and paste it into "Facebook Page (optional)"

When you are done, click on "Update Information", go to the website window and refresh your pages to see the changes.

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