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There is no limit to the number of styles you can create and experiment with in BusyCMS. Simply "activate" the style you want. Great for creating a special style for Christmas or special event etc. and easy to change back.

On this page are some demo styles we have set up to get you started. The demo styles cannot be edited or deleted, but you can edit a duplicate.
To preserve an original, you may wish to duplicate a style and edit it to make changes. Of course you can add and create a new style altogether. Styles are retained untill you delete them.

Background Images:
To upload optional images for use as your website  and menu bar backgrounds, click on "Edit", then "Manage Style Images". Additional advice about preparing these images is on the page. You should note the maximum file size for upload. Many digital cameras today can take photos that are  too large for web use. Images should be optimised, sized and saved in a format suitable for the web, the best being PNG (PNG forma allows transparency) or JPG format.

The "Site Background Image" will transform to fit the browser window - 100% height and width. Therefore it should be a quality high resolution image. Many excellent royalty free background images can be found online at providors such as iStock Photo and Fotolia. www.istockphoto.com  www.fotolia.com  A background image file should be landscape orientation and cropped or sized to dimensions of about 1200px wide x 800px high (larger is ok if file size permits).

Background images for style are optional. If you are unfamiliar with image edting you can use background colours instead.

Note! File names for images must not contain spaces. File name words can be separated with a dash or underscore but not spaces.
An image with spaces in it's file name will not display.

Edit Style
You can edit the website's background colours, the navigation menu colours, the default font and colour and the navigation menu text size. You cannot change the size of the page display, that is fixed at this time to suit most screen resolutions.

Web friendly font families are provided and a colour picker will assist with choosing colours. Colour codes in hexidecimal format can be entered directly into the field and will be immediately reflected in the entry field background colour.

BusyCMS uses CSS3 to provide a slight transparency in menu drop downs. You need to use a contrasting colour for text on a chosen background colour.

We suggest creating your website header first and then choose style colours that are complimentary.

You can also find many colour scheme ideas online by searching for "Colour (Color) Schemes". The hex code can be copy/pasted into the colour data boxes. (Minus the #)

Page Colour Transparency.

An option to vary the opacity of the page background colour is available and can be used for interesting page effects.  When a website background image exists, altering the opacity of the page colour will enable a transparency effect.

If you have any questions or suggestions on improvements to BusyCMS, please contact us.

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