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Administration Examples - Navigation and Pages

Manage Navigation and Pages

This is the logical "site map" styled page from where you add/edit/delete website navigation and pages.

The column at left mirrors the website's horizontal navigation menu bar and sub-menu items.

Access to menu item addition and editing as well as page addition and editing starts here.

You can see if the menu item links to an internal page, the catalogue home page or an external URL

The columns will also tell you if the menu item and it's associated page/URL link is currently visible in the public website, if a page has right column enabled and if it is a normal  or gallery type page.

  Manage Navigation and Pages


Add Top Navigation Menus, Sub-Menus

Here you can add and edit top navigation menus and submenus, name them as required and add a tooltip.

After adding a navigation menu item, you can add a page or link to an external or internal URL.

An internal URL link gives you an additional link to a page where required, say from a different top menu.

You can hide a menu link and it's associated page from public view while you are creating or editing a page. The menu link and page remains visible only to you while you are logged in. This enables you to review your page addition or changes prior to going live.

  Add Top Menus, Sub-Menus, Hide Menus and Pages.


Page Content Addition and Editing

Add your SEO data and your page content.

You are presented with an MS Word styled WYSIWYG editor for text entry, page styling, image and link addition, etc.

The editor automatically converts your input to HTML and CSS code.

Images can be uploaded, cropped, rotated, copied and sized in the built in image editor.

Advanced users can add head tags and scripts if required, such as Google Analytics, etc.

If the page is a "Gallery" type page, you can insert a Gallery as well as add content above and below the Gallery.

  Page Content Addition and Editing

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