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Administration Examples - Manage Style

Add/Edit Website Style

In combination with "Add/Edit Header", this is where you create the "look" of your website.

A "Colour Picker" on each field can assist with your choices.

Some demo styles are preinstalled, a good way to go is to duplicate an existing style setup and then edit it to your taste.

The website background colour can be edited, a background image can be added, the navigation menu text and background colours, including mouseovers, can be edited, etc.

An image background can also be added to the horizontal navigation menu bar.


  Add and Edit Website Style



Add, Select, Preview, Duplicate Styles.

You can create and experiment with multiple colour styles for your website.

Some demo styles are preinstalled for you to duplicate and edit, or just create a new style from scratch.

You can duplicate a style, make your adjustments, then compare it with your original because the original is still there.

When you are happy, simply activate the style you are most happy with.

For special occasions, like Christmas or an upcoming  special event, you can create a special style or background to suit the occasion, then revert back to the original when the occasion has passed.



  Preview, Activate, Duplicate Styles.




Upload Style Images.

Here you can upload images for your website and/or navigation menu bar  background.

You can upload as many as you like, each image will be selectable to use or try in  the "Add/Edit Style" page above.

These images are not automatically resized, recomendation on size is provided.

To save server space, you can delete unused style images.

Thumbnails display images currently uploaded.

  Upload Style Images


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