Manage Right Column

A right hand side column of 200 pixels is available to be displayed, or not,  on any page you create except the contact page.

A right column display on a page is activated by ticking the "Display Right Column" box in "Edit Page" in your administration "Navigation and Pages". (The contact form's "sent" page right column is selected in "Information")

Items added to the right column will display the same on each page (except catalogue pages)  where "Display Right Column" is activated. The concept being that here you can display content that you wish to carry through to all pages. Catalogue pages have their own "Display Left Column" function.

You can insert multiple Right Column items and each is added and edited individually.
You can sort the display order.
You can enable or disable the public display of individual items.

To remove the item heading including the background colour, empty the "Heading" data entry box.

All editable content is optional. Space will become available for whatever data entry box has content.

To add images to a right column item, images must first be added by clicking "Manage RC Images" at top right. After upload, an image can then be selected when editing the item. Images, on upload, are automatically resized to a maximum width of 200 pixels. Smaller images less than 200 pixels wide will not be upsized and can be positioned left or right of the lower text.

You can link from an image to an internal or external page and choose to open in a new window or tab. To link to a page, externally or internally, go to the web page and copy/paste the complete URL from the browser address bar into "Image Link (Optional):"

Standard links within text are best added via the upper or lower text editor.

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