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BusyCMS Website Builder Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How do I link directly to an item from a catalogue menu category.

Answer: Create a separate menu category with a hyperlink to the item.

Occasionally you may have a category that contains only one item, so you may wish to link directly to that item's page from the category menu link.

The method is simple:

  1. First create a normal category and create a single item in it with a detail page.
  2. Go to the item's detail page in the public view and copy the full URL including the HTTP://
  3. Create a new category of the same name and select hyperlink as the category link type
  4. Edit your new category and paste the URL in the "URL LINK" box, update.
  5. Edit the original category link and deselect the "Visible" box.
  6. Log out and refresh the public website - only the direct link to the item will be visible

Both categories added as above wil be visible only while you are logged in as an administrator and in the same browser.

You cannot delete the original category link while an item exists and it is required to enable editing of the item's details.

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