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BusyCMS Website Builder Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How do I remove the auto paragraph in CK Editor.

Answer: Removing the paragraph in the first line of text.

BusyCMS uses the popular CK Editor to format pages.

An issue with the CK Editor (wysiwyg editor) is that it automatically creates a paragraph in a first line of text.

This can be annoying at the beginning of page text and in table cells at the cell top.

If you need the text as high as possible with no paragraph space at the top you need to remove the first paragraph tag.

As you know, in the Editor, pressing return creates a new paragraph, pressing shift+return creates a new line. However, a paragraph is automatically created around your first line of text.

In most situations, within the body text, you can remove a paragraph error by using delete or backspace, but not in a first line of text on the page or at the top of a table cell.

remove Paragraph in CK EditorSolution:

  1. Select the first paragraph of text in the page, or all of the page text, or the text within the table cell. The text at the page top or cell top must be included in the selection.
  2. Go to the "Format" dropdown
  3. Scroll down and click on "Normal (div)"  The top line should then show the correct alignment.
  4. Update page and check.

This will replace the auto paragraph around the text with a div tag.

The image at right shows the format tag to use.


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