Gallery Demo Two - Tile Gallery

In BusyCMS, any page can be a Gallery or a Normal page.

Like a Normal page, a Gallery page can display with or without a right side column.

Thumbnail images, when clicked, open a larger copy that can contain a small description and a URL link.

Other content such as this can be formatted the same way as any other page, including adding images within text. 

( Click to enlarge)

Click or tap a thumbnail to enlarge an image, then click or tap the image right or left to scroll through the enlarged images. (or use your PC keyboard <- -> arrows)

Further page formatting can also be displayed below the Gallery thumbnails. A full WYSIWYG editor is available for the layout both above and below the gallery so you can format the additional page content as you see fit.

Galleries are created separately in your Galleries administration. Once a Gallery is created and images added, it can be selected to display on any Gallery type page. You can have unlimited Galleries and unlimited images within.

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