Design Tips

From time to time we will add design tips here to help you get the best out of BusyCMS.

  • Menu Anchors:

    If you have one or more sub-menus originating from a parent top menu or parent sub-menu and you do not want the originating parent to link to an empty page, simply edit the parent menu item and deselect the visibility checkbox.
    The parent will remain visible as long as there are sub-menus linking from it.
  • Google Analytics:

    If you want to keep track of how your website is performing, get a free "Google Analytics" account.
    "Google Analytics" setup will give you a script to paste before the closing "head" tag on pages you wish to monitor.
    Edit a BusyCMS page you require to monitor and click "Show Advanced (Optional)"
    Copy/paste the "
    Google Analytics" complete script code into the right hand "Head Scripts" box.
    Be sure to paste all of the code including the start and end script tags. <script>?????</script>

    Please contact us to enable the addition of scripts on your website.
  • Image Optimising:

    Good quality images are the best way to get your website looking good. When taking or using photographs or graphics, always make sure the images are initially good quality.

    No doubt you will want to upload your own images into BusyCMS, be they header, style, right column or page content images. Optimising images for the web, prior to upload, will save uploading time, server storage space, hosting bandwidth and website display speed.

    Optimising your images for the web, is getting good image quality at a small file size for the dimensions of it's use.

    There are two factors to take into account when optimising your images, image dimensions (usually in pixels) and image quality. These two factors affect the size or weight of your image in megabytes and kilobytes, and consequentially, it's download or rendering speed.

    Most image editing programs enable you to edit both of these factors for *jpg images.

    Most digital cameras today take an image at dimensions and a quality setting much larger than is feasible to use for your website. We recommend optimising prior to upload, by resizing the dimensions and optimising the quality to suit the image location in your website.

    At BusyWeb, we find that optimising a *.jpg image's quality to about 85% can make quite a difference to the file size and little visual difference to it's display in web browsers.

    To preserve transparency of graphics, in your image edting program, save as a 24bit "png" file.


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