Using the Catalogue

If you have the catalogue option in BusyCMS, you can choose to have the catalogue home as your website's entry page, or the normal home page as in "Navigation and Pages"

The home page option is chosen in "Admin Home".

Adding Categories:

You will see an administration link to manage the catalogue in the administration pages top menu.

You can add up to three levels of categories of items in catalogue format.

Each category added to the category menu will link to a list of items in that category. Each item in the list will link to a detail page with further iformation and up to 13 images.

The catalogue categories and sub-categories are added simlarly to the pages menus.

If you are using a top category or sub-category only as parent to further sub-categories, it is recommended that you de-activate the visibility checkbox for the parent category to disable the page link. By doing so, users will not be directed to a blank page by clicking the parent.

Adding Items to a Category

To add items to a category, click on "Manage Items" in the "Manage Catalogue" page. A category item list page appears. Initially there are no items in the category. As you add items, the list of items will grow down this page. Items added here will appear as an image thumbnail and brief description in the website's category page.

Click "Add New Item". A new item row will appear and you can click on "Edit" to start adding your item's details.

In the "Edit Item" page that follows, you can add descriptive information about your item.
The short description appears only with the item when viewed in it's category page. The long description enables design flexibility of the item's detail page information layout.

Choose to add the item to "On Special", or "Just In", or "Featured Items" that display on the catalogue home page.

Placing a price in "Price Was" will add a previous price with strike through.

After an item row appears in the administration category item list, you can add images to the item. Click "Manage Images".

Click "Add Image" and note the image instructions on the following page. Give your image a name and browse to pick your image.

After adding your images, you are returned to the images list.  In the image list you will see that you can sort the images display numerically, as well as choose a favourite. The favourite will display as the main image in the category items list and the item detail page.

Please note, that you cannot delete an item without first deleting it's images, and you cannot delete a category without first deleting it's items.

Please contact us via our web contact form if you have any further questions or suggestions.

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