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Administration Examples - Website Status

Website Status - Online/Offline

If you require the website to be completely hidden from the public at any time, such as during it's initial creation, or a major re-design, etc., you can place the total website Offline and display a holding page.

The holding page can be designed by you and contain any message you require. 

While the public cannot see the website in Offline status, you can see the full website in your browser as long as you are logged in as administrator.

This enables you a full review of the website content and design, just as the public will view it, prior to going live. An Offline status bar is displayed to you above the pages.

While the website is fully live, you can also hide individual pages from public view while creating or edting them.

A new feature in BusyCMS 2.0 is the option to choose the Catalogue home page as the default home page


  Website Status

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