Manage Navigation Menu Items and Pages

Adding and Editing Menu Links in Manage Navigation and Pages.

Apart from the home page and contact page, you cannot add or edit a page until you first create a menu link.

Add Top Menu  Top Menu navigation displays on the visible navigation bar beneath the website header. Because of width limitations, top menu links are limited with two being used already by "Home" and "Contact". The text characters are also limited and so link names should be as short as possible. If all Top menu positions are full, the "Add Top Menu" button will cease to operate.

When you click "Add Top Menu", the resulting form will enable you to add the link text, as well as choose the type of link it will be.
You can link to an internal page, an external website URL (or internal URL as another link to an existing page), or the catalogue home page. After adding the menu item, you must then "edit" the item to add further data.  

Top Menu Wrapping. If all of the available menu bar width is used and the "Contact" link wraps beneath the menu bar,  you can correct this by changing the default font, shortening menu item names or reducing the menu text size in "Styles".

Edit Top Menu After adding the new menu item, choose the edit button that appears on it's line. In the resulting form, if required you can change the type of menu link it will be by selecting the type and clicking "Change". Depending on the type of link it is, a different set of input fields will appear in the form.  

The Menu label you have already entered will appear and can be updated. A tooltip can be added for display on mouse over.

If the Menu item links to an internal page:
Page Link Text input box appears.  BusyCMS now uses "Search Friendly URL's". This text will be used by the browser to select the correct page in your website. The idea behind the concept is so that you can use descriptive or keyword text to link to your page that a search engine will be able to read. Because this will be part of the page's address or URL, it must not contain spaces. You can separate words with a hyphen if you wish. Characters that are not allowed in a URL will create an error in this input field. 

If the Menu item links to an external URL or Hyperlink:
URL Link
input box appears. You can link to an external website or provide a second link to an internal page. Go to the website or page required, copy the website or page address from the browser address bar and paste to the URL Link box.

If the Menu item links to the catalogue home page:
The catalogue home page link is automatic. All catalogue content is managed in the "Manage Catalogue" area, accessable from the administration menu item "Catalogue"

Sort Order  To move the display position of  Menu items, you can change the number in the "Sort Order" field when adding or editing the Menu item.
Decimals are OK to two places. Sub Menu links will also sort but remain relative to their parent Top Menu.
You cannot move a Sub Menu to another Top Menu parent. If you require to do this, create a new Sub Menu and Copy/Paste the page contents.

Visible All Menu items except "Home" and "Contact" can be individually hidden from the public website, unless they are Parent to Child Sub Menu links. If Child Sub Menu links exist, the Menu Parent, if hidden, will not link to it's own page but will act only as an anchor for any Child Sub Menu items. This is useful if you only require the Parent Menu link to be a place holder for Child Sub Menu links or need to perform a major edit of it's own page. In other words, any menu item except "Home" and "Contact" can be hidden from public view, along with it's associated page, as long as it is not Parent to a Child Sub Menu . The associated page of a Parent menu item will become inactive when "Visible" is unchecked.

Add Sub Menu  After adding a Top Menu link, you can add a Sub Menu to it with it's own "Add Sub Menu" button.
Sub Menu additions are unlimited, however their name text characters are limited. Sub Menu types cannot link to the catalogue home page unless via hyperlink.

Delete  Deleting a menu link will also delete it's linked page and contents. You cannot delete a Top Menu link that is parent to Sub Menu links, until the Sub Menu's are first deleted.

Home Page Editing, Page Addition and Editing

From "Navigation and Pages" page, to edit your home page, click on the "Edit Page" link in the top row of the table to the right of "Home".

For other pages, click "Edit Page" in the same row as your navigation menu item. Click  "Add Page" if "Edit Page" does not display.

When adding a page, the page can be a "Normal" or "Gallery" type page. A "Gallery" page allows the insertion of a gallery of images as set up on the administration "Galleries" area.

The following are "Meta" tags that provide information about your page to the browser.

Title Enter a title for your page. Titles are recognised by and display in your browser, so some important keywords are good here.

Description This information is seen by browsers, so it is important for SEO. It is not displayed on your web page. At this time Google and other search engines will display this description in search results with links to your website page. It is advised to use a true brief description of your page content, including important keywords in your text.

Keywords  that are listed here should be comma separated. Keywords can be single words or two or three word separated by a comma and space. The keywords meta tag used to be very important for SEO and although still important, only has minor relevance today.

Click "Show Advanced"

Head Tags/Links , Head Scripts. Leave blank unless you are experienced in using head links and scripts. You may enter additional meta tags such as browser verification tags and analytic scripts here. If you require to operate a script on your page, enter it here in full including script tags.
Plain text incorrectly added here will display oddly on your page.

At the time of writing, the addition of scripts into the document head is required to be enabled on the server. If you require specific scripts to be installed, please contact us

Display right column: Check this box if you would like your "Right Column" content displayed on the page. "Right Column" content is added separately by clicking the link on the "Navigation and Pages" page. "Right Column" content is duplicated on all pages where activated. Please note that the maiximum image width for the pages main content is reduced when "Right Column" is activated.

Social Media Icons. Activate by clicking in the checkbox and saving the page. The Facebook Find URL is added in the "Business Information" administration page. You can choose the icons to display at page top or bottom, site-wide, in the "Edit Styles" administration page.

Home Page Image Slideshow: A gallery that is created under "Galleries" can be added here and will appear at page top as an image slideshow with random transitions, not a popup in a shadowbox like other galleries within this application.

Therefore, the images in this particular gallery must all be cropped to a maximum of 1110 pixels wide (890 pixels if right column is active)  and be of uniform depth.  Uneven image depth will create vertical movement in the page content between transitions.
We recommend images of landscape orientation and about +/- 300 pixels deep.

Add Page Content This area is a WYSIWYG interface and is approximately the same width as your page. The editor automatically converts your input to HTML and CSS code, seen by clicking the "Source" button. Images can be uploaded, cropped, rotated, copied and sized in the built in image editor.

BusyCMS uses a modified version of the popular open source "CK Editor" for your page content input. CK Editor operates in similar fashion to a word processor on your computer, with a few minor differences. The user icons at top are in most cases self explanatory.
The image input icon provides a facility to upload and edit your images for the page content, the link icon enables external and internal linking.
A complete user guide to CK Editor may be found HERE.

In CK Editor, your keyboard's return key starts a new paragraph. To start a new line, hold "shift" + return.

Gallery type pages have two CK Editors, one above and one below the Gallery insertion selector. This enables content management above and below the inserted gallery. 

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