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BusyCMS Website Builder Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How do I add third party external advertising code into my page

Answer: To add external code into your page

The way to do this is by copy/pasting the ad code in "Source" mode, in the CK Editor.
This can be done in all pages where CK Editor is used, even the Right or Left Hand Column if the restricted width permits
(Ensure the particular ad is not too wide for the RH column ).

  1. Go to "Edit Page" or "Edit" in RH or LH Column.
  2. Hit the "Source" button at the top left of the WYSIWYG editor window.
  3. Paste the entire code into the window being sure to not interfere with other code.
  4. Hit "Update" or Save" without quitting source mode.

Note!  The CK Editor will sometimes delete code it thinks is incorrect (mainly javascript, etc.), so if the code disappears next time you update the page,  you might need to re-insert it. Keep a copy of the code handy for re-insertion if necessary.


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