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BusyCMS Website Builder Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How do I add a PDF file as a download.

Answer: To add a PDF file as a download

  1. On your PC, please first ensure your PDF file name contains no spaces or special characters.
  2. In BusyCMS, open the page editor for the page that you want to place the download link on.
  3. In the WYSIWYG (CK) Editor, enter the name of the download onto the page as text.
  4. Select all of the text you have just added.
  5. Click the "Link" icon in the editor (Little world map with a chain link at bottom)
  6. In the link popup, click "Browse Server"
  7. The file box, (same as for page images) opens up.
  8. To upload your PDF, click "Browse" at top left of this window.
  9. Select the PDF file in your PC for upload, press enter or upload.
  10. When the file is uploaded, a new PDF icon appears, select it an click OK (bottom right of the window)
  11. You are then back at the popup Link box. The address of the PDF should appear in the URL field.
  12. Click on the "Target" tab in the Link box.
  13. Select "New Window (_bank)"
  14. Click OK to close the Link box
  15. Your entered text should now be a download link to the new PDF.
  16. Save your page and then test it.

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