Add/Edit Website Header

Click on "Header" on the administration menu. A header activated here will display on all pages of your website.

Initially you will see a limited preview of some "Demo" header designs that illustrate the different ways headers can be set up.

You may have multiple headers set up, the current being the one that is "activated".

There are four options for creating a header, all are optional, you may just use one or all four:

  1. Header background colour
  2. Header background image
  3. Header text
  4. Logo

To create your own header, click "Add Header", or duplicate an existing demo header. The demo headers cannot be edited or deleted.
To upload/delete header images, click "Manage Header Images"

Manage Header Images

Upload Header Images:
Here you can upload any logo or background images you wish to use. You may upload multiple images one at a time. Images will be resized to fit within an imaginary box 910 pixels wide by 140 pixels high. The images to be displayed are selected in the "Add Header" or "Edit Header" pages. To fill the entire header, a background image should be cropped to 910px wide by 140px high.
Further information is found in the "Manage Header" Images page.

Note! File names for images must not contain spaces. File name words can be separated with a dash or underscore but not spaces.
An image with spaces in it's file name will not display.

Images already uploaded are displayed as thumbnails.

Delete Header Images

To save server space you can select and delete any previously uploaded header image.

Add/Edit Header

To manage your header design, click "Add Header" or "Edit Header" from the initial Header Design page.

Basic header text can be set up and formatted using the supplied text editor.

The best design results are achieved by using a previously designed background header image of 140 pixels high and up to 910 pixels wide. If you have some graphic design skills you will find more creative control this way.
If you have image sizing and cropping skills, good results can also be achieved by purchasing an inexpensive "Royalty Free" image online from iStock Photo, Fotolia or any royalty free photo source. www.istockphoto.com  www.fotolia.com  Be sure to choose a horizontal image that will look good when cropped to 910 x 140 pixels.

A Logo may be uploaded that will float on top of the background and can be positioned left or right. The recommended maximum height for a logo is 120 pixels. Padding for the Logo top is provided to assist verticle positioning. Any Logo uploded will automatically resize as above.

Any added text from the text editor will float on top of the background image and left or right of any Logo image depending on the Logo alignment. Heading text added here can be an advantage for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Further information is found on the "Add Header" or "Edit Header" pages.

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